Tuesday, 1 December 2020


Hello Brummies, Chums, Brummies Abroad, the lads in Thailand and Hong Kong everyone else around the world who pop in to the blog on the 1st of the month with a special Hello for my first reader in Benin!!

The world has been in a shocking state this year, Covid has well and truly shagged everything but it's Christmas time here in the bloggery, the door to soft twats who think the word should be replaced with something else to appease the multi cultural array of races in Birmingham is firmly closed.  


Christmas in the second city, as always, holds a soft spot in my past from queueing to see Father Christmas at John Lewis' as a 5 year old, as a 10 year old reading and devouring every page of the Bells of Surbiton music catalogue hoping that my Christmas gift might be an electric guitar, to eventually playing in a couple of great bands in the city on many Christmas Eve's when the largest dance halls would be packed to the gunnels with party goers and we would be paid a bit more dosh.  Those dance hall days were fantastic. 

This year there will be no dance halls throbbing to the sound of live music and even the Birmingham Christmas lights were switched on with next to no-one to see them.  I haven't played a single gig since last Feb or even met up with the rest of the band but we wont give in to this virus and getting back together will be a joyous moment for sure.

Mrs Bob and I are having our own Christmas Bubble, just the two of us and will be chatting on Facetime with the Bobettes throughout the day.    As announced last month, my TASCAM portastudio Christmas present is still under the bed awaiting Mrs Bob's lavish wrapping attention. She has been happy as Larry lately and has been singing so, quite unselfishly, as well as buying her a new dress, I have bought her a new condenser microphone, studio earphones and a set of balanced patch cables, I imagine she will be thrilled with them, Happy wife, Happy Life. 

If however she feels that that particular combo gift is not exactly what she expected I have a crowd pleaser as a second present which I was going to save for her birthday in January but I want to spoil her rotten this year so am giving her this little beauty......in Ferrari Yellow.

I know you might think I have been a bit predictable and maybe even a little free with my spending, after all she already has a perfectly good barrow but I wanted her to have something to show off to the neighbours.  My mate, Fat Stan is coming round to do a bit of pinstriping just like Pimp my Ride, don't  you just love that low profile tyre?? 

Oggie has been a part of my life since the age of 11 and we started our electric guitar journey together,  first as Wannabe Hank Marvin's right through to the rise of the Liverpool bands and I can almost picture us learning "Sweets for my Sweet" in his front room on Kedleston Drive, such happy times.  He moved out to the USA where he lived for the next 40 years before returning to Brum some years ago.

Now he has never been a lover of the Christmas Festivities apart from going to the pub on Christmas day for a couple of bevvies but he always phones to wish me a Happy Christmas because he knows how I love it so much and I always send him a card via the blog so

The thing is, this year he might not even make it to the pub if things are locked down again so I have bought a special Christmas treat for him from America, for him to nibble on whilst watching The African Queen.  

Happy Christmas Oggie..

Happy Christmas to everyone who visits the blog, I'm sure we will all find different ways to celebrate, that is everyone except my lovely mate who has decided that no way is Santa getting in down his chimney without a covid check. 

I'm sure that he will join me in hoping for a quick resolution to this years woes when he can get out his Santa outfit again and we can ALL have a better year in 2021.  Starting with getting that racist Turkey out of the White House.

With the current restrictions life is difficult and even more precious so, do what you can to lessen the covid dread by keeping to small gatherings, we can't relax until the Injection arrives. 

Above all else please be tolerant and kind to each other, love is the key.


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