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Bulls Head Bob 2019. Bobs Thumb. Christmas Party time in Birmingham.

Ho Ho Ho,   

Happy Christmas you Brummies, mates, amigos, amici, freunde, Japanese loft boys and lastly Feminists against Femininity.  Such is the diverse readership of this blog.    Happy Christmas to John at Brumbeat.Net for letting me lodge in his
Brumbeat Towers.  AND... a last christmas greeting to the Accident and Emergency ward who, last week, encased my left hand in a cast as I stupidly broke my thumb!!   I never realised what you can't do with a strapped up left hand although I do know its put a stop to my guitar activities for a while.  The band aren't too happy about the loss of potential earnings over Christmas but a Happy Christmas to them too, even the bass player who thinks I should cast off my cast and suffer for my art but bass players are always the least compassionate and the first who want to be paid, or is that the drummer?  sometimes they morph into each other.

It has also curtailed my typing abilities quite severely so this unfortunately isn't going to be a rambling Christmas issue which is a shame as I have a nice piece about a couple of Brummies who featured on the Brumbeat scene that I will now have to delay to the new year, hand permitting.  So sorry about that but I will start typing it from tomorrow so should be ready for the Jan 2020 first blog of the year.

Its a bit of a sorry Christmas story in the City this year too.   As a kid in the 50's the arrival of Father Christmas to Lewis' Department store was a great event and was probably the biggest draw.   Moreover it was the start of Christmas for many families, the line to see Santa in his grotto was enormous.    The House of Fraser store took over from them 8 years ago and the grotto was fabulous, however this year it too has fallen foul of of a cash shortfall and the grotto has been cancelled.   The question that enters my head is whats going to happen to all those Christmas elves in the North Pole who've been making toys all year long?     Its all a bit like Miracle on 34th Street.    

I don't like the German Christmas Market either, overpriced food and novelties.  So you might want to get yourself down to the underpass on Suffolk Street where the Birmingham City Social Christmas market is situated, and has a nice family feel to it, there are many events there featuring Brummie musicians and live bands.  It is open now and will be there until Dec21.  Every Friday there is a "Buskers Battle" featuring Brums finest buskers against each other to be crowned Brums Best Busker, I suggested that my bass player could participate.

The former Jamies Italian Restaurant overlooking the Bull Ring will have its doors open anew as a winter wonderland of quirky Christmas foods and 80.000 christmas lights known as "Once Upon a Time in Birmingham" and will feature a host of Christmas activities and "Carol-Oke" sing-a-longs etc.  Check the Birmingham Mail for details about the opening date.

Christmas time was always a big earner for Brumbeat bands in the 60's with so many places to play at, I loved it although it meant we only got Christmas Day off and would be solidly booked up for the rest of the month.  It was great to see the audiences fully into the spirit of things.

I shall certainly be enjoying being with all the family, some will be there courtesy of the wonders of the internet which is marvellous for us all.

Oggies Christmas Card.
It has been a bit of a tradition to send a Christmas card to my old mate Oggie who hates Christmas and who sometimes resides in California for the Christmas
season, the cards have normally featured ladies with little Christmas Apparel about their bodies which he doesn't hate.   My fiends at Feminists against Feminism have submitted their photo suggesting I should make a stand for equality so, just for you cuties.....Happy Christmas Oggie.!

and a Happy Christmas to everyone who have wasted some of their lives reading the Bulls Head Bob blog.   I sincerely hope that you and yours have a great Christmas season.   

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