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Bulls Head Bob. June 2019. Aston Villa. Twitching. The Moody Blues, Mystery Clint Warwick CD!! Voiceless Spice Girls

Howdee doo Brummies and 60's music fans from around the globe, the first of the month is upon us and heralds more rubbish from me about...things


Always an Aston Villa fan from the age of 5 but for the last 4 years its been one disappointment after the other, dreading the football results on a Saturday night, seeing a team that didn't believe in themselves, knackered after 25 minutes and costing a fortune putting me in a depressive mood,
so much so, that I actually stopped following them.  

Mrs Bob said I was a much nicer person.

The week after my announcement they started to play like a team.  I became like someone who has given up smoking, instead of sneaking out to the shed to have a crafty fag I would say "Fancy some chocolate Mrs Bob?" then nip down to the newsagents to read the sports pages.
It gave me great delight to see the Club back in the Premier League at last.  You will be pleased to know that I shall remain an unsupporter forever, Mrs Bob has gained a few pounds.  


Obviously I am back from my Bird Watching Adventure in Spain.   

Loads of wine and food, no sign of europeans digging Brexit trenches but most of all, it was a great reward for the soul to see so many magnificent large birds in their natural setting.
It reminded me of playing at Ladies Evening at Cheltenham Town Hall on a Wednesday night!!
A little joke there for my feminist pals.  

Also I must say that travelling through Birmingham airport is always so much nicer compared to other regional airports so well done us Brummies!!

and the next......
Clint Warwick was the best R&B bassist in Birmingham in the early sixties and it was no surprise that he became the bassist for the first and best line up of The Moody Blues, mates of The Beatles, "Go Now" in the charts money.   It was the 60's and like many bands of that time they were robbed by their management and Clint left the band and returned to being a carpenter on the building sites.

The Moody Blues became another type of group.

Just recently, Birmingham singer and guitarist Bob Styler has come across a CD of Clint's that was in a box of other stuff he had.  
It is "My Life The Waltz" by Clint Warwick, also using his real name of Albert Eccels.  I don't know if its a song or maybe even his written history but Bob is looking for a home for it so if you are a family member or have any interest please contact me and I will pass you onto Bob.

I warned you that they'd sing again if they had the opportunity!
Well the relics of Girl Power did their first date in Dublin and of course there had to be some staged controversy, with one of them saying, pre-concert, they had a rug-munching episode with one of the others.  However the biggest controversy was that at the Dublin concert their vocals were apparently lost in the mix of the band and other audio input.

Personally, I applaud them on their choice to make the vocals inaudible, why inflict that on anyone?  Thank you Spice Girls...  The Irish thought it was a Karaoke night and just sang along.

Here's a thought.   Many years ago I was chastised by my boss for referring to my wife Mrs Bob, as "my wife" saying "it was demeaning, showed women in a bad light if they had a differing sexual orientation, and categorised them as a chattel, not an equal partner". Strange then, that those in same sex marriages refer to each other as husband and husband and wife and wife, not partner?  I don't really know what heterosexual folk are supposed to call each other any more but I guess we must have come full circle?    Just think of all that time, energy and money that could have been put to some good use for starving or homeless people for instance instead of wasted on useless "name  appropriate" bullshit that should have been left in a Junior school classroom.

Have a nice weekend.


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