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Here we are again, another New Year to get your Dentures into and what a year its going to be. Brexit is upon us, what a great adventure and whether your an "inner" or an "outer" there is going to be blood on the tracks for some.  Kind of scary but in a good way, I have my stiff upper lip at the ready as we take on the rest of europe.    I have already learned to dislike the Belgians so just another 26 countries to go and being a Grumpy Old Shit already, it should be a piece of cake, nice British Cake though not that crap they give you in Spain that dries your mouth out! or that sticky shit in Italy.  

It does have a large negative affect on travelling musicians though, with all the customs checks on movement of equipment etc so that is not too good and you just know that the French are going to pounce on anything British aren't they?  For me I'd like to see in place at Dover a total ban on the import of French music of any sort!! and their soddin' accordians.

The Christmas season went well in the Bob
household and we were all in that nice family spirit of joy and togetherness, albeit by Facetime in some cases.

I was lucky to recieve from one of the Bobettes a nice Mini Amp, a Laney Lionheart, which is really fab, and one that I recommended in the Blog a month or so ago so that was welcome and is perfect for indoor use.
It has gain and amazingly, adjustable Delay.  Such a lot of fun.  I highly recommend this. I tried all my guitars through it with single coil giving the best response.  Get one if you can.

One from Europe and one from America.  Firstly lets jet off to the USA to the beautiful Washington State home of former BRUMBEATS vocalist Graham Ashford and his wife Caroline.  Where they are in the throes of the Seasons Festivities
nestling beautifully in the woods, its the perfect setting for one of those American Christmas movies.  It obviously that the Christmas spirit has been upon him as he has been playing Santa to a a Jazzersize group locally.  

Fantastic outfit I have to say, its a bit of a step up from the Santa that used to be in Lewis Department Store in Birmingham back when we were lads

"I have had to take some time off from  singing whilst recovering from some surgery".   I anticipate that when he flies off to his other home in Hawaii for the summer he'll be raring to go again. 

"I wish everyone I know a Happy New Year"·
Happy New Year from everyone in the UK Graham.

The BRUMBEATS were one of the best of the Birmingham Bands and now I shall proceed to another.

Now lets venture forth unto the European BREXIT trenches where Willie Hammond, Ex lead guitarist for the Birmingham bench-mark band 
THE UGLYS is keeping his head well down in the heart of the Spanish countryside in his converted Farmhouse where he hides away with his wife Linda.  
"Christmas in Spain, that is the giving of gifts, does not happen till Jan 5th but we maintain our Christmas Day traditions and gorge ourselves for Christmas and Boxing Day.  It is a little odd to be in the sunshine so from our selfish perspective it would be great to have some snow to make it complete".   

The Spanish ramp-up the Fiesta spirit here and from New Years Eve till the end of February its party after party".   

Will is still playing various festivals and gigs with his band and enjoying a great following in his adopted home.

 "Happy Christmas to everyone in Birmingham, at Brumbeat.Net and Bob the Blogger,  Feliz Navidad"

Happy New Year to you Willie.


I'd like to add my own New Years felicitations to those of the above Brummies abroad and wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.  Thanks for reading the Blog and many thanks to those who sent me warm Christmas Greetings.  



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