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Bulls Head Bob Dec2018. Happy Christmas

Hello Brummies

Christmas is upon us and the shopping is getting serious.  I've got all my gifts sorted out for those I love, Christmas cards written for those
I know and as a present to myself, I have decided to completely disregard those from my past that I used to know, from this day forward, you know, those who come to you for help when they need it but deaf you out when they don't.    So that's my early resolution and one that I am loving already.

Is that mean spirited given that we are in  the season of goodwill to men and all that stuff?, no of course not, you only have to please yourself and not throw yourself under the self inflated egos of others.   I shall be 70 years old tomorrow so think I deserve a little peace, tranquillity and happiness.   I am happy, playing music with a great band, doing lots of song writing and recording and I have genuine mates and the blessing of having Mrs Bob by my side so have no need of the devious ones in my life any longer.   That being said I wish them no harm so Happy Christmas to them too.

50 YEARS AGO The White Album
Lots of things happened 50 years ago in 1968 it was the hippy revolution, peace and love and stuff. It was also the year of the release of the Beatles White Album.   I heard this for the first time at John Pantneys, or Pank and he was known and like all things Beatles around that time I was in love with it from the first hearing and would play it over and over again. I was quite amazed at its rawness given the lushness and recording marvel that had been its predecessor, Sgt Pepper.   I play it a lot still.   The world had no knowledge of the inner turmoil of the Beatles at that time so just saw it as another Beatles marvel.  

It has been re-released as a 50th anniversary deluxe package.  Once again
George Martins son Giles has remixed it into a 5.1 surround sound package, goodness knows why?   I was horrified at his production of the "Beatles 1"
I threw it in the bin after the first hearing. 
Anyway this set comes with 3 Cd's, one of which is out-takes....done to death with the anthology releases already.  It costs between 22 and 25 pounds or you can get the even more deluxe version on vinyl for 165 quid!!!!

Just because you might be the son of someone who was instrumental in forging and encouraging the greatest band in living history doesn't mean that you have the Midas touch too.  For me the only way to listen to this fantastic collection of music is by buying it in its original mix so please, by all means buy Beatles music for gifts for those who may have never heard of them, who thought that day would come?   I wont be buying this.

Id like to wish John Woodhouse, Editor of Brumbeat a merry christmas, he will be under three feet of snow in Canada as we speak.   John has done an outstanding job of continuing the Brumbeat story of west midlands bands of the 60's for many years now.   With the massive rise in social media sites of Facebook and the like, everyone has the chance to open their own page on whatever they wish but John started when none of that was available and put in many hours of his time writing biographies of bands and also writing many interesting and varied articles on the times of the 60's.   Please take the time to support the site.
Every year I mention the Sally Anne.   This organisation is fantastic and does more than you know to help the homeless or any part of society that suffers whilst we, at home, get stuck into the luxuries of good food and presents for Christmas.  It is especially warming to hear Christmas carols played by a great SA brass band during the season and fills me with joy.   Please donate a little something, 50p would be a good starter so when you are sat down with your loved ones in the warmth and safety of your surroundings you can do so in the knowledge that at least someone will be benefitting from your act of generosity at the same time, in some kind of way.  The smallest donation can help.

I would like to wish a merry christmas to those readers who have helped or contributed in some way to the continued success of the blog.   There were so many bands about in the 60's that formed and broke up without ever playing a gig, there were many that played a few youth clubs and pubs and there were those who had greater successes nationally and internationally.   Every single person who was in a band at every level is a part of the story of Brumbeat and it is to you that I raise my glass to say "A Happy Christmas to you All", thanks for being in the story.

Take Care and be nice to each other.


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