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Hello you Brummies, Brummie musos, Brummies Abroad.  Non Brummies
and my new eurochum Gota Speenvast the current Swedish Ice Dance champion-ess.    

The Morning after the Vote.....

"Morning Mr Bob" said Lucy as she gave me a kiss as I was reading the morning mail delivery.  "Ooooo!" she said looking concerned "Got something on your mind?"

"Yes" I said putting down the letter I was reading, "I am amazed at the current 'rum do' but I'm not going to venture an opinion of any kind whatsoever of us not being in the Union anymore or the in's or outs of it's policies . 

 On a social level, I get sniffs of some craziness verging on the edge of "Princess Diana madness"  and personally, I have an extremely sad feeling of the loss of kindness and tolerance that once was our very reason for being Brits and especially Brummies.   Having grown up in Brum through the years that first saw the influx of people from outside of the City, the arrival of the Irish, the West Indians and Jamaicans then the glorious years of the 60's when there was a richness of cultures that educated us all and took some of us down the road of enlightenment,  learning and growing together as friends and equals.  Didn't that generation start the fight for racial equality?"   I said as we were having Breakfast.

"Yes" said Mrs Bob quizzically.   "So we're out of the European Union then?.... "Yes" I replied.   
"Well I'll go and get out the Insurance Policy box and cancel our standing order, we've never claimed a penny on it".......?????    

The world goes on and my toast still gets cold if I don't eat it whilst it's warm.

It was Sunday afternoon.  I'd been down the boozer had
couple of beers and a moan, swore that I wouldn't be supporting The Villa anymore until they become a football team and not a selection of lilly livered Bentley Drivers.  Walked off my anger, had a great Mrs Bob dinner and sat down to watch the Glastonbury Legend set which featured Brums own Jeff Lynne and his ELO. I'm not a great Jeff fan but thought I should watch it out of a sense of Brummie solidarity.  It started to rain as Jeff sauntered on, the only other original ELO member and wise-old-owl looking Richard Tandy had floated over to his perch already. 

"Hello Glastonbury" Jeff ventured, knowing of course that you don't get to say that very many times in your life.  He cleverly made it a cliche.  Thats class.   
So off they went, into the catalogue of hits and they sounded exactly as I knew they would, huge orchestra, great band of high class session musicians, everything just as it should be, Jeffs highly compressed sounding voice laid back in the mix, the cameras swept across across the stage as all the girl violinists sexily swayed and played.    From a technical standpoint, it was quite funny because when Jeff spoke his voice was still heavily compressed.

Then came the highlight of the whole show.   The cameras swooped out from the stage to the multi-coloured, cagoule-enshrouded faces of the sodden audience which made them look like a field of wet jelly babies with open mouths as they sung along to their favourite songs, and then...... a man in a rubber dinghy actually rowed across the heads of the jelly babies!   I think Jeff missed it?   This was just like watching Pink Floyd and their floating sheep...during Animals.
You can see him by clicking here below.


I mention the above boat  thing that entertained me only to say that, as this was a "Legends" slot and people had waited a long time to see ELO, ergo Jeff Lynne, on stage again.  The boat was much more interesting from an entertainment standpoint.  They might just have well watched a DVD for all the audience contact that he made with his loyal fans.   

At festivals there's always a buzz going on between songs as the excitement level rises and the crowd start shouting out things.   There was noticeable silence during the breaks between songs that could have been filled with a word or two and changed the whole outcome of this quietly acceptable, made to measure performance.  No human touch.  I was actually entertaining myself watching Jeffs guitar tech, my goodness me he walked some miles..

I'm sure that had they played later on, in the dark, their light show would have been much more effective it would have been more of an experience.     

Later on that night during Coldplays headlining set they were joined by Barry Gibb who seemingly was the original artist they wanted for the Legends set that had been then filled by Jeff Lynne's ELO?  BG had previously cried off with illness, strange then that he should be there playing "Staying Alive"?

It's a funny old world.

Probably the first guitarist you would have heard play a solo would have been the great Scotty Moore who sadly departed the scene a couple of days ago.

Just that slide-off he does in Jail House rock was some of the first tricks we used
to make ourselves more rock and roll.    

Scotty had his own signature guitar
a beautiful Gibson Memphis.

He was one of the first innovators of the electric guitar sound and he deservedly merits to be treated with massive respect and not just being fortunate enough to have played with the great Elvis during his best times either.   I raise my hat to you Scotty.

BONO has a signature guitar too?
It's funny old world ain't it??

Did you know that more people get kicked to death each year by donkeys than by air crashes.   

Take Care

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