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Bulls Head Bob Sep 2014. Dear Auntie Bob, Park Les Paul Guitar, UK National Drum Fair

What Ho Brummies,

I'm in Manchester at the moment on my travels and was informed by Mrs Bob that the computer had crashed and burned the day before publishing date.
It appears to have taken most of my stuff with it but is under scrutiny by cheapo computer fixers, Bodgit and Scarper to see if they can get it all back together.  The main story, as advertised last month will now unfortunately be re-scheduled as I try to find the pictures to go with it.   

In the meantime 

Dear Auntie Bob
One of the benefits of writing this blog is to put old friends in contact with one another it was a delight for me to try to organise a meeting between Johnny Neal and ex Brumbeats and Starliners saxophonist Paul Carter, old mates from various musical encounters in Brum.  They both have houses on the Cape of South Africa but neither knew that.  Paul flits between London and SA on a regular basis and Johnny, although once a permanent SA resident, just holidays there from his home in Birmingham. 

I had been a kind of go-between informing each of them when the other party would be present either in SA or in the UK but there was always a clash between their whereabouts.  I'm pleased to have received the picture below, just yesterday in fact, of the two of them meeting up at, of all places, Birmingham Railway Station!

UK National Drum Fair
Just to let you 'skin bashers' know that the annual drum fair will be held on 27 and 28 September in Kings Heath.   I won't be there, my ears can't take it.

I've just noticed at the bottom of the programme 'EXTREME SPORT DRUMMING'.....mind boggling to say the least.

Park amplification is as Brummie as it gets, manufactured specially for Jones and Crossland music shop and in essence, Park was Marshall in different clothes and was just as good in my humble opinion.   I used this kit every night for years and only suffered the occasional break down.  I hope to do a more in depth story in the future but here's something of an oddity that I can't even remember

I guess this was introduced by Jones and Crossland during the British Blues phase and despite being a regular J and C visitor when I would play most of the guitars they had on the wall, as was the case then, I can't recall ever seeing one of them.   There were an awful lot of Les Paul type guitars going around at that time though.

At 126 guineas this wasn't a cheap guitar for it's day.

If you have one of these they must have a hefty price tag attached to them as Park is now very, very collectible!!

Once again, sorry for the delay but technology isn't always our best friend.

Take Care
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