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"What Ho" Merrymakers, 

I'm in the Christmas mood again!!  I love it..... even muggers give you a friendly smile before pummeling you onto the ground, who could ask for more?

Once again, Birmingham City Council didn't let us down with their 'unique' choice of Christmas parade   celebrities. Darth Vader, that well known symbol of Christmas accompanied by Alvin and the Chipmunks were there to remind us of just what Christmas is all about.....

Honestly, I sometimes feel like I've landed on Mars??

I just love the tradition of Christmas and feel happy in calling it  CHRISTMAS without being put on the 'Politically Correct Gang' Wanted List for being "Christmasist".....
however, as it is Christmas I, like all others, should show extra tolerance at this festive time, so to you lovely PC'ers......

"Happy Non-Suggestive, In any Manner Whatsoever, Time of the Season that all Faiths Subscribe to (even those who think it happened in March and not December)". 

Have a great 'Seasonal Event' and make sure that Timmy and Tabitha get NO sweets or cake, I'm sure they will love you all the more for your thoughtfulness as they crunch their way through a raw parsnip.  

This is a true PC Christmas story.......I knew a 'non-female person' called Graham from this brigade, I called at his house for him one Boxing Day and his WIFE, who I had interrupted plaiting her leg hair, ordered me into the kitchen saying "He'll be with you in a moment, do sit on the floor" I sat down and waited, as instructed.   Right in front of me, the door to one of the kitchen units (a very slim but tall utility cupboard) opened and out stepped Graham, red faced.

"What the heck are you doing in that cupboard Graham" I said, with open mouthed surprise.

"I've been eating a biscuit in there so the children can't see me doing it" ......??

"Mummy? I do love the carrots hanging from our "Completely Organic Transplantion Symbol". 

Now, it goes without saying that I get inundated with Christmas gifts and greetings from the blog readers, well that is apart from everyone in Wolverhampton and ex-agents like John Singer who expect you to design and buy the card, give it to him for nothing and then have to wait for him to send it back with 30 percent ripped off.

"Happy Christmas" to my my new friend Paul Mlynarz.  Paul is a musician but
more importantly, is the main man for   I'm sure you guys remember some of those Manchester gigs and this site is worth a visit.    He generously gave me a Christmas present and, it being the season of goodwill, I wish to unselfishly share my good fortune with YOU, my cyber Brummie mates. This gift could transport you back to your early beginnings. It's........................

I can almost hear the cheering!!

I think this one is around 1963.  How we young sproggy guitarists poured over this catalogue! This particular one is the more modern version of the one I first looked at but nonetheless, there are some vintage guitars, prices and other old equipment featured in this version which I know you'll enjoy.

click here: Bobs Present (pdf format, may take a while to upload)
Hap, Happ, Happy Christmas to you all.

So, last month, without telling me, John brazenly walked into a Moody Blues concert.    Happy Christmas to you John and I know that you actually seemed to enjoy seeing them so I've bought you a special gift for when you go to see them again..... actually I've kinda spoiled you and bought one for the wife too........."Oh Bob, you shouldn't have"....blush,blush

Here's your Gifts:

Yes folks, it's:
"The Moody Snoozer"
The perfect Christmas Gift.   No more carrying your bulky camping bed with you to those Moody Blues gigs, buy your ticket, sit yourself down and 'get comatose" in your personal Moody Snoozer, you'll be asleep in no time and you'll be nice and warm.  You can even treat the kids to one each, can you imagine how jealous their friends will be on Christmas Day?  Here's a picture of some very
lucky kids doing the See Saw.

Rugged green maggot for him, vibrant yellow with leg storage flaps for her - you'll never be the odd one's out at a Moodies gig again. 

Let's try them out shall we?  Rustle, rustle Ziiiiiiiiiiip ...............

"Nights in White....."ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz"......
perfect, worked first time.

Just need to correct something John said though - "the three original members" he mentioned should perhaps have said ONE original member. 
I mean, in those days there just weren't any Brummies who were brave enough to be called Justin?

"Yes OK", I know I started off with the right Christmas spirit and look at me now.......I've sunk to taking the Christmas 'Mick' out of the Moodies, that's not very fair is it?   Ooo all right then,

I haven't got any pictures of them so here's a nice one of the
Sally Anne..........give generously. 

FINALLY......Well there you have it, I have adopted a more 'inclusive' approach to this Christmas blog in an effort to win over minority groups who I may have neglected in the past. I wish a Happy Christmas to you Feminists, here's a feminist card I received which, if I may venture one slight criticism, appears to miss the whole Christmas 'feel' completely!! (Is it the Fem Fraternity(or is it Maternity?) oooh I dare'nt really choose one but I feel a little safer now that I've mentioned both!!)...I really like Doc Martens y'know? and those tie-dyed skirts are just so cool and fantastically original and one thing more "Aren't lentils Fun??"..........


So that's my duty done to my new feminist mates..........but of course it's Christmas and every Christmas I send Oggie a card at the end of the blog so to be 'equality minded' and taking into consideration the things that Oggie wants to see on his Christmas Card 

...Happy Christmas Oggie.

Christmas just wouldn't be the same here without it.

Yes Oggie, it's the Mk IV, high pressure 'Green Stripe' lager dispenser!!
well held by my new roadie, Stan............Happy Christmas.

So there it is.  An emotional rollercoaster of a blog for Christmas - Nice Bob, Not so Nice Bob and topped off with Nice Bob again.

Thanks to all you guys and one irate feminist for making my time in the bloggery a happy one.  It's my emotional 'shed'. Take care, keep in touch and do have a peaceful 2012.


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