Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hello Brummies and Company,

Well we had a white Christmas which was lovely.  I didn't go to the sales, which was even lovelier and for once this year I didn't have to take back any of my gifts - an absolute rarity!!

It's very quiet in the Bob household after a couple of manic days of visitors and also I find myself hiding from the 'Blues' supporters, ready to pounce on me as I enter the boozer - I have my ready wit poised to counter their jibes though with a few choice phrases passed onto me by Nobber, it is therefore only proper that I withhold them today for fear of offending the whole world - Nobber has cleverly learned every swear word in the world and links them altogether to ensure he can curse a whole football crowd in one go.    I have stopped eating French food too.

Got a nice Christmas present which is worth telling you about.

Way back in 1985 Squier made a Stratocaster copy that outstripped the 'real thing' and today this model regularly sells for 300 to 400 quid on E Bay.   Fender must have been real annoyed about that and today will be feeling even moreso because it looks like Squier have done it again with the 'Classic Vibe' series of Telecaster and Stratocaster models that are fantastically priced and play really well.  The guitars are available in differing colours and also differentiate between 50's and 60's models:

This is the very nice 50's SquierTelecaster
with Alnico pick ups.  Fabulous build quality
and nice playability.  Those thinking that it
would make a nice 'spare' could very well
find themselves playing this more than they think.

OK it doesnt have the Fender label on the
headstock but it doesn't mean that it doesn't
sound every bit as good as the 'real thing'.
The body however, is made of Pine and will
show up any 'dings'.  That aside, it's fantastic
value for money and I heartily recommend
you to check them out.....

This guitar is already a favourite of mine.

So, for those who may be thinking of taking up the guitar these models are highly recommended, they will give you the Fender sound for a few quid.  Experienced gutarists will still find themselves enjoying this too.  Can't go wrong really.  Check out the Squier site for the different models.

This blog is a short one owing to the excesses of the Festive season that has seen me consume everything drinkable that has truly addled my very small brain, mixed with a depth of despair over the French antics at Villa Park.    Nonetheless, I wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you all for your very kind e mails and support.  Here's hoping for a great 2011.

Take Care

copyright Bullsheadbob

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