Monday, 3 September 2007


Hello Brummies and Brumbeaters,

Well the rains have been and gone and some of you poor sods have been up to your 'tackle' in slimy smelly water. To those poor folk I send my heartfelt condolences......I've had the same problem myself although, happily, not this year and now all you have to do is carry on the fight with the Insurance loss adjusters (failed traffic wardens) - I don't know which I hate the most!!

The blog is pretty empty this month as the main subject for this months blog will be appearing on the main website. That subject being the re-appearance of The Move on the road again. My favourite cohort Donal Gallagher (failed Bishop of Sparkhill)has kindly filled my niche as 'ace reporter' and popped along to The Barfly in Birmingham to review The Move's re-emergence onto the playing circuit. Now Danny speaks as he feels, so after removing anything too offensive or unruly we have combined his ruthlessness and straight approach with my touch of diplomacy to give a balanced report. It will feature on REVIEWS page. If it has'nt appeared soon, get onto John Woodhouses back - not mine!! Seriously, this is a major event that I felt would be better placed in the main body of the Brumbeat website rather than included in my inane ramblings.


Fabulous response by many musicians who played a benefit gig at The Roadhouseto raise money for Magnum Drummer Kex Gorin's current medical treatment. Those playing included: Roger Hill Group, Trevor Burton, Trojan, E-No's, Vincent Flats. I'm sure everyone has you in their thoughts Kex.......


I reported some months ago that poor Bo Diddley had been rushed into hospital whilst appearing on stage. He has recently been released from hospital and is now resting at his home. Further appearances are not likely but, who knows? Let's hope that he makes some kind of recovery soon. Such an influence..........


The incredibly fabulous Etta James has also been taken into hospital recently, if you've never listened to anything of hers, now is the time to do it. A real icon.


Loads of people had a Fender Stratocaster but this is not just a Fender Stratocaster. This my freinds is a 1955 Fender Stratocaster in beautiful condition. The patina and depth of colour of the sunburst paint job are simply outstanding.

Judging by the wear on the neck the previous owner did not like playing above the 12th fret - he or she must have had fat fingers!! Anyway, you would have to be soul-less not to want to own this baby - it wreaks of history. Interested in the price tag? - well, best take out a second mortgage or dip into your savings for the 48,000 pounds!!!!!! F*** me.

OK Y'all, my mate Oggie is coming to get me drunk sometime this month from the ol' USA. So keep a lookout for next months riveting saga of drunken old farts, perhaps between us we can remember a story or two to pass on. Till then.....


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