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Bulls Head Bob Jan 2018 - ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. HAROLD PENDLETON. Another Year Older and deeper in debt.

Watcha Brummies and associated mates and friends across the world,

Just like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Mrs Bob and I enjoyed our festivities enormously and showered each other with gifts.    She bought me a new Playstation!, that was unexpected I have to say, and as if that wasn't generous enough
Fat Bob "at it".
she also bought me a Steering wheel and foot pedals so I could fully enjoy the rally and racing games which I adore but have had to play them with a hand controller on my old XBox 360, "You lucky bastard" I hear some of you say and it's true I have been very lucky this year.

One slight flaw though, she didn't buy me any Playstation games to go with it.  I think its a clever ploy on her part to get me to go with her to the January Sales, the thought of it fills me with dread but I admire her feminine cunning to get me to the shops and the lure of cheap games will be too much.   Happy New Year to you Mrs Bob.

About a month ago I was perusing through the pages of Facebook and also the local Brummie sites and noticed what could only be called begging letters for people to cast votes to induct The Moody Blues into the R and R Hall of Fame.  A bit juvenile I thought, harking back to the early 60's to see who won the Midland Beat "Band of the year" when a group I had never heard of came top, naturally they had either canvassed a load of people to vote for them or they had done it themselves.  Well once again the begging seems to have worked and the MB's are indeed being "inducted" at some time in the Future.   In a way I thought, that's quite good news until it came to pass that they are not including Denny Laine and Clint Warwick as members of the band, you know Denny Laine and Clint who formed the Moody Blues and who scored a massive hit with Go Now,
who were mates of the Beatles and toured with them.  It would appear that this induction is only for lovers of shit poetry and some "out of towner" called Justin with his See Saw.    Anyway, my personal dislikes aside I have it on good authority that they will be featured in a room of their own with a warning notice outside of the door which reads
"DANGER listening to this music could result in drowsiness".  Take a pillow with you would be my advice.  Perhaps they were sponsored by Benylin?

This whole shabby, lust for eternal recognition is rather reminiscent of ELO's induction which turned out to be just Jeff Lynnes' ego trip, you know, the guy who wormed his way into The Move.  In his inductee room there is only space for one person at a time.

It really is just a bit of a joke anyway because all great bands will be remembered by their fans and will always remain as a part of their lives.  They wouldn't make it into Bobs Shed of Fame....enough said.

Who is Harold Pendleton?  would be a good question, not a famous Brummie at all so what is doing on these hallowed pages. 
 Well the reason why is because he died back in November but I didn't want to mention it in the Christmas blog as it would be a bit of a downer, however, some of us got to play in his club in London, the world famous MARQUEE CLUB on Wardour Street.    He did a lot for Rock and Roll and was one of the first to start outdoor festivals in the UK at Reading so deserves a big thank you from me and all those who got to play there.   RIP.  The club no longer exists, just a blue plaque, the proper Moody Blues played there so did The Move.  Steve Gibbons got his big break after playing there too so there is real relevance.

I can tell you that there will be a book coming out this year about him and The 
Marquee in which I have had the honour of assisting the author Robert Sellers.  

I shall be celebrating along with the other 12 revellers who live
in my village and raising a glass or two to those old friends dead or alive who were playing rock music in the 60's.  I shall never forget them, good or bad, they were part of my life and I have a spittoon handy for when certain names enter my head.  

I shall also be raising a glass to all of you who "tune in" at the beginning of the month to read this nonsense.   Thanks for your continuing support.


If you are thinking of being charitable at all this year please make the Salvation Army your first port of call.   This fabulous organisation does so much more than you could imagine for those who are in need of a break, or a roof over their head for a night or for one hot meal.   The best charity around.  

I wish you all peace and happiness for the coming year, goodness knows there is enough misery on this planet fuelled by corporate egotists and Presidents.

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Happy New year Bob!

Enjoyed your comments on the MBs hahaha! ;-D