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Bulls Head Bob Oct 2017 - Hi Pop-pickers and Avids. I LOVE TONY BLACKBURN!! FLOWERS IN THE RAIN.

Howdoooooo! Brummies, Musos, Friends and all those across the world who visit here.

We know winters on the way once we get to October so it's always a bit of down month for me after the excitement and fun of the summer.  Nonetheless I have been cheered up lately by two things.  Firstly, the Mighty Aston Villa are on the rise and secondly I have become a fan of someone who, hitherto didn't really figure in my musical life and that is Tony Blackburn, "Come off it Bob, are you off yer rocker?" you're all thinking.

I'll explain, once again for two reasons the first of these being

In the June blog I gabbled on about the great, late, Brian Mathews the doyen of 60's music DJ's.  His last gig was presenting Sounds of the 60's which was on Radio 2 on a Saturday morning at 0900.  He was treated horrendously and sacked by the BBC and announced as dead when he wasn't!  Well since then the BBC sacked Tony Blackburn in an equally appalling manner over evidence he supplied to the Saville enquiry, in fact the story of it all raised the hackles of the British Public so much that a petition was formed to re-instate him.  He also decided to take on the corporation legally, a stance I truly admire from someone I wouldn't have expected it from.  

So it's good news, Sounds of the 60's is back and up and running but the bad news is that the programme is now on at 0600 on Saturday Morning.   Now that time really doesn't bother me because I'm an early riser but no doubt it's a chore for others, perhaps the BBC are secretly trying to slowly bury the show along with it's listeners, or Avids, as they were known during Brian's time.  

Brian Mathews was a great host and presented the 60's show in his usual familiar, friendly manner and now Tony Blackburn has come into the seat and I have to say, has brought a breath of fresh air to the programme along with his usual amount of groan jokes, which we all secretly like I think? 
He has been at the "toppermost of the poppermost" heights during the 60's and in the 90's when he was a faded memory, re-invented himself as the top crowd pleaser on the University circuits where he did his Northern Soul shows.  Gold Lame suit and all!   We need to remember and acknowledge that he has been through every evolving stage of rock radio and even played some records of my band when
he was on Radio London as a pirate DJ along with Simon Dee.

The joys of technology means that we can re-listen to the radio programme later on during the day via the computer so we are not trapped to get up for early eggs and bacon whilst listening to your favourite show but I really think it's being unkind to say the least.

The second reason I like Tony Blackburn was that he played the first record on Radio 1 and it was Brums own, The Move and the record was  "Flowers in the Rain".  It had come hot on the heels of Night of Fear and The Move were the flag bearers of the country on the eventide of psychedelia.   When I first heard it played on Radio 1 I thought that The Moves manager,
that slimy leech, Tony Secunda had slipped someone a brown envelope but Blackburn say it was simply the record on top of the pile so there you have it.  Something to be proud of though and it was a great time in British Rock music, there was a real vibe in the air and creativity was flowing through the world of art and fashion and we were all revelling in it.

It brings a tear to Roy Woods eye every time he hears it though as he never saw one penny of royalties following the law suit between The Move and the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson which was also instigated by the slimy leech man when he posted through the door of No 10 Downing Street a damning cartoon postcard of the Prime Minister and his secretary naked on a bed.

Last month, or Yesterday to be precise was the 50th anniversary of Radio 1
and they replayed the music of the original show with all the jingles and dog barks etc etc.  It wasn't an earth shattering moment in time but it marked a real milestone from what the BBC had dished out to us before.  So anyway Tony Blackburn, I wish you great success, the show is great.   I hope that you get enough backing to move the show back to a more realistic and listener friendly time slot.  Sounds of the 60's, tea and toast, a boiled egg or two is the real Saturday morning treat.

Been a busy month of gigging and digging for me, rock and roll and roses which was blissful. The downside is that once again, I find myself writing this blog whilst listening to the re-aired first Radio 1 show, that is the day before the publishing date.    I really don't know where the time goes to and my " I'll do it tomorrow" philosophy sometimes falls foul of being responsible.  Gladly the latter is something I never been guilty of.

Take care my friends.  See you next month.


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