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BULLS HEAD BOB Nov 2015. I Love Bass Players. Rumble at the Pie Stand. The Killer live.

Howdoooooo  Brummies,

There's nothing more that could rouse from my bed quicker than Mrs Bob saying
"Bob what's in the Blog this month, my little choochie?".... the realisation that, still owing to ongoing works in the new kitchen, I hadn't written a word and now it's 6 o'clock in the morning of the 1st of the month!!  After an assortment of several expletives and a loud howl as I kicked, barefoot, the leg of the bed as I hotfooted it into the bloggery.   As I entered the computer had a screen saver flashing saying "You've done it now Bob!! Blog!!

Just after The Beatles broke up John Lennon wrote a song called "Instant Karma" which he composed, recorded and issued as a single all on the same day. So with that as my inspiration and a throbbing toe here goes......Goodness me what can I talk about right now to save being sent into the shed of shame for unblog-like behaviour.  

Not the normal type of phrase I use when talking about Bassists but would like to say thanks a lot to the 418 bass players that visited the blog last month in response to someone mentioning my BASS PLAYERS SPECIAL in the forum.  You're very welcome guys and if you too are a bassist and didn't read this then click below, or get your carer to do it for you.


Alex's Pie Stand, famous haunt for criminals, hookers, bikers and musicians and assorted night people of Brum during the 50's and 60's has, once again, featured in a new book called  "The Accidental Gangster" written about a feud between the  notorious London mobsters, the Kray Twins and the Fewtrell Brothers, the latter being the brothers that owned the famous Cedar Club and others where us muso's met up after gigs.  

The book is written by the son-in-law of one of the Fewtrell brothers so I guess it's pretty factual and features an apparent 'Rumble' at the Snow Hill Pie Stand between 50 Kray family bruisers and the same amount of Fewtrell bouncers and associated thugs after the Krays had made move on the Fewtrells patch.
Now I never knew this happened but can just picture the scene as some skinny musician is trying to buy a meat and potato pie as bodies are flying through the air like the Crazy 88 scene from Kill Bill.  Did it happen? some say yes and others say no.  Perhaps you were that skinny, sweaty muso clutching your crusty pie and running for the confines and security of the van.

So if your Granny is into mindless violence, which bizarrely is all they seem to have a penchant for, then now is the time to buy it to pop under the Christmas tree this year.  Packet of boiled sweets, book of violence, sugar, what a cornucopia of delights for Gran.

When I say The Killer it is not as a continuation of the above piece but is in 
respect of the amazing Jerry Lee Lewis.  I featured JLL in last months blog and was glad to hear from Norm Crandles to say that The Satelites had been the support band for Jerry Lee at The Adelphi in Brum during his second time
visiting the UK following the outrage the year before when he was found to have married his 13 year old cousin....always found it funny that Elvis never suffered from such indignation when he installed a very young Priscilla in Graceland?

Norm:    " Jerry Lee Lewis was due on stage at 9 o'clock and the place was packed with Teddy Boys and Teddy girls, all awaiting his arrival.  The audience weren't interested in us and were even less interested on hearing that Jerry was going to be an hour late owing to bad traffic.  We continued playing with an undercurrent of anger at the non appearance of their hero at the appointed hour.   On his arrival with his bassist and drummer they asked to use The Satelites amps and stuff and the band willingly obliged.

The Killer took to the stage and blew the place apart with his energetic on-stage antics, all watched from the wings by Norm and Maggie his wife.

"He was electrifying and the audience were all going wild and following the show Jerry Lee then sat on the edge of the stage giving autographs and talking to the kids there.  "He was certainly not the angry, unmanageable type of person that he has always been portrayed as, he came and thanked us all personally for letting him use our kit too.  What a nice guy."

Now I've met my fair share of famous musicians but I would have swapped them all to have had this meeting.....wish that had been me, great one Norm.

Well guys, sorry, this "Instant Blogga" may be short and sweet but like they say the Pony Express always gets through.

Enjoy this lovely Sunday...go out and buy your other half a surprise gift.

Take Care
Bob...The King of Grouting.

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