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Bulls Head Bob Apr 2015 - It's SPRING!! Bobs Roofing Tip. Pretty as a Picture BrumPic. DEADLEGZ Rob Oliver. Brian Nicholls. LOOKING FOR BRUMMIES ABROAD.

Hello you Brummies and Mates around the World,

Spring has sprung, it's the First of April or 4/1 as our American cousins would say these days?   I'm as lively as a young lamb, full of the joys of the season when everyone gets those outside jobs done on the weekend leading up to Easter.  

I adore getting out into the garden with Mrs Bob.  I tackle the mentally arduous, but artistic, job of sprinkling flower seeds and things about in gay abandon, a flourish of Pansies and Forget-me-Nots here, a dash of Daffies there and hidden among them, a really Spiky Thistle, just to remind me that you always come across one of those arseholes in your life.      

Mrs Bob is busy laying paving slabs, heavy work you might think for a girl of her 'later' years?  I have to say that she may be overdoing it a tad and fear she will never have the necessary strength left to get the shed re-roofed before those April showers set in.  

That roofing felt is bloody heavy and that hot tar can be a real danger.  To make life easier for her, I've given her a tip, and that is to "wear a hat" because honestly, the last time I trusted her with a roofing job, her hair got full of tar when she slipped off the ladder onto the tar laden roof,  it was only the fact that her slide was broken by a rusty nail ripping into her ear that saved her from damaging her ankles.  
Thankfully she still had time to cook tea before popping off for some well needed stitches..

To have lived in Birmingham during the the days when you didn't have to manoeuvre your way through a human tidal wave of styrofoam-armed people, all shouting at their phones was great.   We had magnificent buildings and Birmingham's industrial ascent as one of the greatest producers of practically everything in the country was at it's peak.  All that's gone now.  For me a visit to the inner city is like having lived two distinctly different lives, I feel like a stranger in my own city? there is hardly anything of my past left standing these days. There is no soul to the place, all having given way to the concrete megaliths and the homogeneous, coffee house style of Franchise Birmingham these days.

I was consigned to the fact of never seeing some of those sights again so
hooray for the arrival of BrumPic.
(copyright Brumpic)

Although you would have to have a Facebook Account this is a great place to view the many photographs from yesteryear that people have uploaded, of the City and it's environs.

I recall, in my playing days, walking with my Mum up Corporation Street and several people said "Hi Bob", as they passed by.  My Mum looked quizzically at me and said "Do you know Everyone in Birmingham?"  The answer to that is, in those days I felt I did.   
Anyway some of the photos on this great Facebook page are priceless.  It makes me feel all warm inside.  Take a visit if you have a fancy.  Well recommended.
DEADLEGZ ...Rob Oliver
Raising money or awareness for a charity has long been supported by the musical community in Brum.  I have highlighted the efforts of Steve Gibbons, Steve Winwood, Tony Iommi among others who have raised a ton of dosh for various good causes and long may it continue. 

So it comes as no surprise to find the "Chip off the Old Block" Rob Oliver
Rob Oliver in training.
son of the mighty Pete Oliver, has been busy raising funds

for various charities and in the company of a couple of mates is currently training to take on the Deadlegz Three Peaks Challenge which is to scale the three highest peaks in the country, Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scarfell Pike in 24 hours!!!
This is no mean feat you guys.   

The charities benefiting from this challenge are ACORNS, Birmingham Childrens Hospital and Foort Foundation, all great charities needing support.

So Please Visit here:DEADLEGZ
for more information about the project and become a sponsor or if you see Rob out doing gigs then pledge some dough personally.  I shall be a sponsor. Good luck Rob.
Brumbeat guitarist Brian Nicholls' son is coming back to the West Midlands at the end of this year from his life in Canada and has already started to reform the band he had prior to his overseas excursion.  He phoned Brian and said "and you're on Bass Dad" which is a nice backhanded compliment if ever there was. In the old days you only got involved with a band members Dad if he had a van. So maybe it's true that the family who plays together stays together.  From my experience of playing with family members it's a nightmare so good luck there mate!
(copyright B Nicholls)

I think Brians saving for a strap!

He also asked if I could put out a request for contact with  Max "The Nub" Griffiths, former guitarist of Brumbeat group The D'Fenders.  I shudder to think how he got his nickname!!  Anyway if you are or know Max then please drop me a line and I'll pass on the contact details.

Next month will be our annual pilgrimage overseas to get all the up to date info of our old Brummie musos who moved location a tad!!

I'm sure there are many more BRUMMIES ABROAD who have not been in contact and would like to take the opportunity to get in touch with lost friends and bands so please drop me a line by the middle of the month and let me know what you're doing these days.

Right, that's it, I'm off to survey my days seed sprinkling, best knock up a quick Brandy and something.

Take Care you Guys, it's dangerous out there.


copyright:  Bullsheadbob

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