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Happy Christmas you Brummies, Brumettes, My cute and sexy Feminist Fans and my special Non-gender Homeosomethings in Japan.

Well it's Christmas and I'm awash with L.O.V.E for the whole human race so
Happy Christmas you lovers of mirth and emotion, here we are honeydripping our way through the Yuletide fol-de-rol.   All dusting off our list of corny Christmas cliches ready to launch them on the same people you see all year but during this season, with a hope of well being and enduring peace.

Isn't it good to have survived another year?   I look at the back of my wrinkled hands which, in turn, flashes me back to looking at my Mothers hands when I was younger, and thinking to myself then, how fragile they looked but above all, how beautifully artistic they were.  

I've just finished putting in a new fire, so my bastards are covered in scratches and bruises and look like the skin's been scraped off with a blunt knife, but I saved a few bob so my Mum would have approved. 

Mrs Bob is ecstatic about the new fire, "Just in time for Christmas" she said, thereby providing the first cliche of the season, adding "Oooh Mr Bob, look at your rough builders hands" with that "evening of Ann Summers" look in her eyes.    Yeah! that means I can ask for Meat and Potato Pie with lashings of gravy and Treacle Sponge and Custard for tea, I'll probably wear this builders belt for the rest of the day.    

Birmingham City Centre is dressed up to thrill and the lights are beautiful as ever.   
I have been caught up in the shopping mania again and 
the family have been dropping hints about what they would like me to buy them.   For our Wedding Anniversary earlier this year
I bought Mrs Bob a beautiful new wheel barrow after her saying she wanted something to do with gardening .   

It was great fun, just like those Youtube clips when you see people being taken outside to see their brand new car on the drive.  I can truly say that she was amazed when I took off her blindfold and she saw the barrow standing there, she was absolutely lost for words.  In fact, she was so overcome she didn't say another word all day!!

I haven't  been so generous for Christmas though, we are living under the lovely Mr Camerons budget restraints so she asked me to get her some new headphones for her iPod thingy, well the ones from the iThingy store  were really tiny things and cost over 200 quid!!! that's a soddin fortune which only politicians and bankers can afford so a quick trip to the army and navy stores sorted out this little problem and with plenty of eye-catching style too, here they are:

I can't wait to see her face when she opens this gift!!

Just wanted to say many thanks to all you guys out there who correspond with me and send me things to jabber on about.  Being a part of the BRUMBEAT sixties music scene was something that only we Golden Few experienced and they were the halcyon days of 'electric music'.    We were the first generation of young kids to experience the new fangled Electric Guitars and us Brits soon ruled the world and produced all the greatest bands and guitarists.   It was all such a wonderful adventure of discovery and everything after that was a just copy of what we did.   That is still true today, so although it seems a little hackneyed to say "In my day......blah blah", it was the truth and I'm so glad to have experienced the time.    There are a few of us who, luckily, are still playing regularly and I shall be playing until my tired limbs can no longer function, it's all in the head you see!!    Thank heavens for music, the best gift of all, just add determination and love for a great result.

I still have the same mates that I started out playing with, we forged those friendships through countless hours of rehearsals, we were a true group, one band, not a band made up of people who, like today, play in 3 or 4 bands at a time.  We lived in each others pockets and enjoyed the experiences, good and bad.   So a very Happy Christmas to you guys particularly.

Every Christmas I normally display Oggies Card but since I've gone all feminist, the days when I showed women in skimpy, or no clothing at all just to satisfy Oggies cravings are a thing of the past.    I know this may seem pretty mundane compared to the risque pictures that have adorned this blog every christmas for the past few years but I thought you'd like to see the new car shampooer I've got him, hope he likes it.

I hope you ALL enjoy this Christmas.

Take Care and "Love the One You're With"
do do do-do do-do doo doo!


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"Deck the halls with boughs of holly" are you kidding me?, have you seen the price of a sprig!!! 

Live at the Isle of Wight
1 Hour 18 Minutes 54 seconds
I LASTED 6.25.

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