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All's quiet on the Brumbeat front at the mo, it must be the heat of this Indian summer we've recently experienced.  According to Nobber, the world has tilted and "although we think we're in Brum drinking brown and mild in the boozer, we are in fact in Southern France and France is now in Spain"  He says it's put a real dent in his fluffy novelty slipper sales but is thinking of including "Free Garlic" with every pair, to attract the more Mediterranean types, who occasionally get cold and want some big bee's on their feet.
For us who use the buses during rush hour on a regular basis that line is all
too familiar.   I never thought that line would apply to one of the most important venue's of Brumbeat which I thought was lost forever in the mists of time.

For some years I had been on the lookout for a picture of the Bulls Head, Coventry Road and was forced to use a picture from an old postcard I came across which had been burned and I had to employ the trickery of Photoshop to make half decent full scale shot of the place then along came the very amiable Lee Tonks who sent me the picture of the Bulls Head that I currently use on the blog heading.

Well, "you could do something to me with something or other" as my lovely Mother would say because he's only gone and found yet another picture of The Bulls Head, obtaining the owners permission to publish it, and although it's not great from the point of view of photographic crispness, it is almost right on the button in age terms for the Brumbeat days. It really stirs some memories for us Brummies.
(Pans People.. minis and boots)

 I never played there to anything other than a full house, as did all the great Brummie bands, not only Brummie bands either!!    After we'd done a sound check we would sit in the snug bar at the bottom of the stairs and watch all the girls coming skirts, kinky boots. Every young mans 60's reality, yummee!!

I just love the selection of these cars parked in front of the shrine which has me yearning for the days when cars were still made in Brum... 

and the seats smelled of leather and! having white wall tyres was still in fashion. There's just something very curvaceous about these motor cars. There's a Hillman there (I think?) the same as I had except I had the estate version that could accelerate from '0 to 60, eventually!' and there's a
more modern sloped back Anglia.

This photo was taken in 1961which shows perfectly the American influence of chrome overload so, Brum was still embedded in those great rock and roll days when the fashions were somewhat different.   Dusty Springfield had yet to make a real impact as the white girl with the black soulful voice and her journey there wasn't helped by her disastrous choice of stage outfits, who could forget the Trapped Fart Dress??

Are the cars relevant to the Brumbeat days?, of course they are, and the bikes, most of which were made in Brum, it was days of rising prosperity and optimism, the youth were making a strong impact on the scene and this place was a real draw for them, good bands brought the girls in and of course the guys were not far behind!!. From then on and including the Summer of Love this place throbbed to the brilliant live music played there and all the girls in their psychedelic, coloured clothing made it nice to play then, groovy and fashionable 'hip chicks' swirling about on the dance floor was a joy to see..

The world of music then went insane and Prog Rock reared it's ugly head, the audience began to sit down on the dance floor and that was the end of the Dance Hall days, most of the girls had gone.   They all moved to the discos    
whilst the floors of places like Mothers filled up with cider drinking, sixth form vegetarians in duffle coats.

It's somewhat pleasing to see that these days they have taken the prog rockers and put them all on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  Now if only we can find a very small boat for Cheryl Cole that would be fine.

Thanks a lot Lee, now if you could manage to find yet another picture with a Ford Transit parked outside the door, covered in lipstick, that would be the ultimate find.

(copyright. Nigel Kennedy)
Nigel Kennedy's dreams will be realised today if he discovers he's made it to Bulls Head Bob blog with a mention....

For many many years I have or had watched The Proms from the Albert Hall
but always felt detached from it all by the social barriers imposed by the old brigade of Promenaders and, ergo, the programme itself.   This year I was mesmerised by the collaborations forged between street musicians and the BBC Symphony Orchestra which was just amazing and if you didn't watch it, try and get a gander at some of the finest music ever on the BBC.   

Nigel Kennedy is a Villa supporter but more importantly than that, he is just amazing, in fact I would say 'Heroic' from my standpoint. 

Long has he vexed the establishment with his contrary take on things, that is contrary from their point of view.    His concert at the Proms 2013 was incredible, bringing a freedom from the total adherence to the written music notation.  Along with a cast of phenomenal young and passionate musicians he showed just what is possible by breaking down barriers in the classical music field in such a positive manner.  Please take the time to get and see this if you can.  More importantly get someone young to watch it.  It's all about moving forward with art.

I have recently published some photos of The Salopian Dudes who were
formed around two ex members of iconic Brumbeat band The Redcaps.  Well 
they've increased the bands size by recruiting yet another original member of that great band, none other than guitarist Mick Blythe.  Here's a snap of them playing at The Hen and Chickens, Bridgnorth recently with new Redcap recruit, at the mic with Mick Walker.
Mick Walker and Mick  Blythe

Does my heart good......keep it up you guys!!

Whilst your here why not pop over to the Brumbeat main site and check out John's new article about THE RENEGADES.     

Well enjoy the rest of the good weather and your Hol's..

Till next Month


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