Friday, 12 January 2007

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So, another year passes. I’ve taken part in the normal Brummie Christmas, drunk as a skunk for 6 days in preparation for combat at the annual New Street battle for cheap clothes.

We’ve all gone back on our New Years resolutions and are nipping out to have a crafty fag in the shed. I am the weakest willed person in the world but with good intent, I told my beloved wife that I was packing up smoking and was going to keep fit by taking regular exercise. This was a well executed plan hatched several months earlier to make me fail safe, so nowadays the poor old dog is dragged out for a “walk” about three times a day for half an hour a time but only manages to go about 10 feet which is the distance to the nearest corner from my front door around which I sneak to have a well deserved smoke. While I am out “exercising” she puts on her fitness video and leaps around the living room frightening the budgie.

It’s a wonderment to me that she, and probably the majority of ladies have to buy a new outfit before they can exercise. I could understand it if she was a member of a gym but before she starts scaring the bird she closes the curtains so no one can see her! She’s bought herself a luminous, lime green leotard and tights and a pink toweling headband with the words “Sex Kitten” written across it, well it should say that but being made in China it says “Sex Kitchen”. She says she’s aiming to look like Olivia Newton John. So far its cost me about fifty quid and she still looks like Mama Cass but green!
The dog is three pounds heavier.

What’s all this Bulls Head Blog thing about then. It was always called talking rubbish in my day. A general mish-mash of bits of things all strung together without any story or meaning or, in some cases the Truth!! So let’s get on with it………

The “Brum Rock” Show took to the road at end of 2006 and seems to be going down well. I’ve heard about artists excessive contract “riders” like Maria Carey having a playful puppy placed in her dressing room and the cast of Brum Rock wont be outdone by her. A case of Sanatogen and a tube of Deep Heat massage cream feature on their list of surgical supply needs!! Danny King insists on a pair of “comfy slippers” – that’s Rock n Roll. A great line up of the very best musicians – go and see them!!!!!!!

Second printing of Laurie Hornsbys Brum Rocked sold out again, keep your copy safe.

Brilliant gig by Roger Hills band at The Roadhouse over Christmas. Support in the audience from ex Uglys mates Steve Gibbons and Willie Hammond who were looking thick as thieves. Had a chinwag with the trio of Uglys after the gig. If you thought you could play a guitar go and see Roger – then think again. Look out for a Roger Hill special coming soon.

What else is on the horizon for the world’s best dedicated Brum music site?


A series exclusive to Brumbeat.

ABSOLUTELY EXCLUSIVE. Personally written articles by some of the most prominent Birmingham musicians covering Brumbeat from its early skiffle days, through to its psychedelic years are on the way. Not to be missed. Some great and amusing stories that will bring back fond memories to some folk of “a certain age” and will enlighten the younger of our muso readers that are now spoiled for choice of musical kit. First in the series “In the Beginning… Before the 60's Music Revolution"” by Johnny Neal a stalwart of the Brum scene. Other contributors include, Willie Hammond (Uglys), Danny Gallagher (Solitaires) the great Steve Gibbons (Uglys) and the "unique" Megan Davies (Applejacks).


Got any nice pictures of old equipment, Futuramas, glittery Hagstroms, Leak, Watkins and Selmer Amps, Hofners, Rapiers etc.
E mail them in, let’s have a nice equipment page for the enthusiasts.

What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?
- A drummer.

Had a walk around the city centre visiting old places of interest.
Hung around by Snow Hill Station remembering the Pie Stand then stood by the wall of the ramp into The Pallasades Shopping Mall at the bottom of Corporation Street where The Silver Beat Club entrance used to be.

As a very young and always broke guitarist I sat outside the Silver Beat entrance one night in 1964 and listened to The Spencer Davis Group on stage. I had heard High Heel Sneakers a thousand times but nothing prepared me for the sound of Steve Winwoods voice and the bands interpretation of that simple song that night. I was mesmerised and felt sick to my stomach. How on earth could I ever hope be as good as that.

Now - that was Brumbeat!!! Gritty, Hard and Right in yer’ Face.

Forget Roy Wood and yer Jeff Lynnes of this world. Steve Winwood is the true king of Brumbeat

Till Next Month

Bulls Head Bob.

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