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Bulls Head Bob August 2019. The seaside gigs. JOHNNY NEAL - back in Action?

Hello Maties,

Having recently watched the brilliant film "Stan and Ollie" regarding the decline of Laurel and Hardy and their UK Tour, Mrs Bob and I ventured North to the Fun Capitol of the World that is Blackpool. 
As a kid this was a paradise for fun and frolics, the temple of mirth and merriment.  It was the late fifties when the factories closed down for two weeks and the workers made their way to the coast.  "Are we there yet?, I can smell the Sea!!" and for sure there was no better sight than that first glimpse of the sea for this City kid upon arrival.  As you got to the beach the smell of suntan lotion and cigarette smoke became all pervasive and our family of parents plus four kids, would waddle like Emperor Penguins through the masses, desperately seeking a square yard of sand in which to huddle, smother ourselves in Amber Solaire and lay our holiday eggs so to speak.  
Of course being the 50's all my memories were in black and white

Fast forward a few years to my teens, the swingin 60's, I visited Blackpool a couple of times but this time as part of a touring group, as did some other Brummie groups of the day,
sometimes we would pass each other on the road in our lipstick covered vans and all give each other a wave or the 'V' sign, (in the English sense) depending on what you thought of them, followed verbally by "Wankers!".

If you were in a bigger band you didn't wave back.....van snobbery. Its hard to conceive that The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were amongst the more famous bands doing the same thing...but only to each other of course. It was a rite of passage.   

We did all the piers and clubs around the UK coast and once a year we would de-camp to Wales where a promoter would put us up in a farm house and we would go and lie on the beach, travelling to various Welsh gigs throughout a 10 day period.  We would see the posters for us as we approached the various seaside towns and it gave you a lift because you knew there was always an energetic crowd egging you on, enjoying themselves which was a great reward to any band.   It was a fun time and I had as much fun as I could get.    

These days you could have the beach to yourself.  Sadly most of those venues have long since closed too.    Blackpool is quite shabby today and maybe it was just as shabby back then but I never noticed.   Tribute bands up the ying-yang...Urrgh!  Its weird but it felt like a Stephen King Movie where I was in two different realities and my past was fading away in front of my eyes.  It was nice to revisit if only for a day but I felt as if I was in black and white to others  Social attitudes and expectations have changed so much though and rarely would a child above 2 be happy with a bucket and spade, they'd be looking for the USB port.  "Where's the controller Daddy?"  

and now some gossip...
JOHNNY NEAL - Back in Action??
Now I'm not one who likes gossip but I hear that Johnny Neal could be thinking of doing a small gig in Brum.  Well thinking is not good enough if you ask me.  I know that there are several musicians of the day who would be delighted to get up and knock out some songs with him and they have even discussed it....but this is only gossip.    Johnny had a great career in South Africa after his days in rock and roll Birmingham.  He returned to Birmingham a few years back where he rightly should be.   With his band The Starliners he graced the stages of the UK for a long time until getting a cabaret gig in SA which turned out to be a winner when he wrote and recorded a song that topped the charts there.

There is one thing for sure and that is if you were a cool dude way back in the 50's and 60's there's a chance that you might have become a fuddy duddy, stick in the mud sort of guy 60 odd years later, playing golf.    Well I'm pleased to say that my worries are unfounded and today he still looks the business.

Johnny Neal copyright Maggie Neal
Johnny celebrated his birthday last month.  May you have many more my friend!!   If, according to gossip, he does go ahead and do a gig you will get the hot news right here first.   I'm pretty sure its all fanciful wishes and gossip on my part though!!  That is unless his musical mates convince him to do the right know who you are?

OK you folks, I'm off to the Swimming Pool.  Pastie and hot Bovril afterwards!!

Glug Glug


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Monday, 1 July 2019

Bulls Head Bob JULY 2019. Festival Madness. WEE WILLIE HARRIS- King of Punks.

Hello Brummies,


What a scorcher!! nobody sliding around in the mud at Glastonbury for a change and FREE WATER and sun block at a festival is unheard of before, good job Mr Eavis.   I am not one of those who is lucky enough to go to Glastonbury this year but am lucky enough to play at festivals occasionally although the word Festival is so widely used these days it could be anything.  Mrs Bob and I go to the annual "Festival Shagstock" at our local boozer "The Shag and Crumpet" even though its not a Festival at all, its in the car park.  This year the bill  consists of the village dance troupe of 6 to 13 year old girls, all at differing levels of ability, calling themselves The Little HorrorZ and HOT STUFF followed by a Silent Drill Marching Display from the Girl Guides - which would be the same girls who just did the dancing plus hat.  "Big Dave" is on next with his Tribute to the hits of Jess Conrad, so that means he will be off a couple of minutes later.  He had been in heated discussion with the landlord that he should be the last act on because he'd played at least two prior gigs. 
However, top of the bill is the landlords son with his pre-puberty band who are "Satans Henchmen" well, when their Mums let them.  It will be their much anticipated first gig and will be attended by all the girls in the village who just happen to be......... less hat.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

It was interesting to see that Janet Jackson was on the same thinking terms as "Big Dave" and perhaps, based on the amounts of gigs she'd done, had the official Glastonbury poster reprinted in America putting herself top of the bill.  Below is the Glastonbury poster.

Here is the poster that Ms Jackson sent out as a tweet.

A few years back The Wurzels were booked for Glasto but pulled out because they found out they weren't on the Pyramid doesn't get more bizarre than that for me.  The Wurzels??

The birth of British Rock and Roll was televised every Saturday evening "Live" at 6.05 and was aptly entitled the Six Five Special.  Although naive by today's standards it was a must in our house and my 2 elder sisters would be getting some jive practise in whilst it was on before going out to The Galleon Dance hall close to where I lived.   My Father thought they were going Ballroom Dancing but they would arrive at the Galleon and change into their Bopping gear.   Six Five Special was the only TV show that catered for the modern music of the day.  A couple of the acts were a bit suspect and not really Rock and Roll like Don Lang and His Frantic Five, a Trombone player and his jazz band with a name change and Miss Winifred Atwell, a Trinidadian pianist.  However, the rest was Rock and Roll and we loved it.   It became the music of the youth and furthermore, started a rebel based social structure within the UK.  If ever there was someone who portrayed all of that anti establishment rebelliousness it was the fabulous.........

There were two people who stood out on that show for me and that was Joe Brown and the fabulous Wee Willie Harris.  At 5 foot 2 inches, Willie had been the resident pianist at the 2i's coffee bar in Soho, the birthplace of British Rock.  His appearance was dramatic for those times, pounding away on the piano like Jerry Lee on acid, he was wild.   With his drape jacket and bow tie and THAT HAIR!! totally unacceptable in British Society, so much so he was considered a decadent influence, by the British Press, on the youth generation of the day moreover, the programme 6.5 Special was considered to have crossed the line, morally speaking for promoting him.   It was big news.  For me he was the first Punk, disorderly long red hair, drape jacket and absolutely insane on stage.  

"Punk and Disorderly"

Playing the guitar was a necessity.  There wasn't always a piano available to a touring musician.    Willie had his first 78rpm release, "Rockin at the 2i's in 1957
followed several others including "I go Ape" but he failed to get a record into the top 10.  

He was the Headline Act of the Moss Empire Live Tours and was loved by the kids and hated by their parents. Music taste changes but that didn't mean he stopped playing and performing, because he has been at it since that first job at the 2i's playing everywhere across the world.   

I've heard recently that he has finally hung up his boots and called it a day.
His final retirement.....  Although that could change.

Willies fame was a roller coaster affair like many long standing acts.  He was fortunate, in the 70's, to have been mentioned in Ian Dury's song "Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3" and had a resurgence onto the scene.

Willies last CD release was in 2018 appropriately on the "Rollercoaster" record label. The Wee Willie Harris story.  Sixty one years since that first recording.

I believe its true to say that the period that had the most influence on the British musical youth, including those who would grow up to be the 60's rock mega-heroes from Birmingham, was from the late 50's onwards and like me, those mega heroes too watched the 6.5 Special on a Saturday evening, we were the same age and with our newly acquired acoustic guitars we copied all their moves and songs and all had our favourites and we became the groups that emerged in the dance halls of the 60's influenced purely by these rock n rollers except that, we were louder.   It is reported that John Lennon and Paul McCartney queued for his autograph at an appearance in Liverpool. 

He was energy, he was rebellious and that little guy with his shocking unkempt red hair was the meanest of the bunch.  One of my heroes.  Thanks Willie.  

Its Barbecue madness here.  I've put on on pair of shorts for the occasion but have bolted the back gate so nobody can see me in them, the Bobettes think its funny but you don't want to go around frightening people unnecessarily do you?

Have some Luv


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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Bulls Head Bob. June 2019. Aston Villa. Twitching. The Moody Blues, Mystery Clint Warwick CD!! Voiceless Spice Girls

Howdee doo Brummies and 60's music fans from around the globe, the first of the month is upon us and heralds more rubbish from me about...things


Always an Aston Villa fan from the age of 5 but for the last 4 years its been one disappointment after the other, dreading the football results on a Saturday night, seeing a team that didn't believe in themselves, knackered after 25 minutes and costing a fortune putting me in a depressive mood,
so much so, that I actually stopped following them.  

Mrs Bob said I was a much nicer person.

The week after my announcement they started to play like a team.  I became like someone who has given up smoking, instead of sneaking out to the shed to have a crafty fag I would say "Fancy some chocolate Mrs Bob?" then nip down to the newsagents to read the sports pages.
It gave me great delight to see the Club back in the Premier League at last.  You will be pleased to know that I shall remain an unsupporter forever, Mrs Bob has gained a few pounds.  


Obviously I am back from my Bird Watching Adventure in Spain.   

Loads of wine and food, no sign of europeans digging Brexit trenches but most of all, it was a great reward for the soul to see so many magnificent large birds in their natural setting.
It reminded me of playing at Ladies Evening at Cheltenham Town Hall on a Wednesday night!!
A little joke there for my feminist pals.  

Also I must say that travelling through Birmingham airport is always so much nicer compared to other regional airports so well done us Brummies!!

and the next......
Clint Warwick was the best R&B bassist in Birmingham in the early sixties and it was no surprise that he became the bassist for the first and best line up of The Moody Blues, mates of The Beatles, "Go Now" in the charts money.   It was the 60's and like many bands of that time they were robbed by their management and Clint left the band and returned to being a carpenter on the building sites.

The Moody Blues became another type of group.

Just recently, Birmingham singer and guitarist Bob Styler has come across a CD of Clint's that was in a box of other stuff he had.  
It is "My Life The Waltz" by Clint Warwick, also using his real name of Albert Eccels.  I don't know if its a song or maybe even his written history but Bob is looking for a home for it so if you are a family member or have any interest please contact me and I will pass you onto Bob.

I warned you that they'd sing again if they had the opportunity!
Well the relics of Girl Power did their first date in Dublin and of course there had to be some staged controversy, with one of them saying, pre-concert, they had a rug-munching episode with one of the others.  However the biggest controversy was that at the Dublin concert their vocals were apparently lost in the mix of the band and other audio input.

Personally, I applaud them on their choice to make the vocals inaudible, why inflict that on anyone?  Thank you Spice Girls...  The Irish thought it was a Karaoke night and just sang along.

Here's a thought.   Many years ago I was chastised by my boss for referring to my wife Mrs Bob, as "my wife" saying "it was demeaning, showed women in a bad light if they had a differing sexual orientation, and categorised them as a chattel, not an equal partner". Strange then, that those in same sex marriages refer to each other as husband and husband and wife and wife, not partner?  I don't really know what heterosexual folk are supposed to call each other any more but I guess we must have come full circle?    Just think of all that time, energy and money that could have been put to some good use for starving or homeless people for instance instead of wasted on useless "name  appropriate" bullshit that should have been left in a Junior school classroom.

Have a nice weekend.


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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Bulls Head Bob May 2019. You Had to be There. Graham Nash Wild Tales

Hello Boys and Girls, 

Its May and traditionally a month of lovely weather to go cavorting into the countryside for some frolicking about in the long grass.    I on the other hand, will be doing the Birdwatching in Spain Trip thing with some close friends this very day, rest and relaxation in the hot, hot sun, deep in the Spanish hinterlands looking for big Birds, not the mini-skirted 60's variety but the great big feathered sort, floating about in the sky.  If my Mum was still alive she'd be saying "Careful now our Bob, you'll have your eyes out on those Eagles".  ....I'll try not to Mum.    I am a bit worried though that whilst I am in the back of beyond fumbling about with me Binoculars, the whole Brexit thing will go tits up and I'll be stranded there like one of those Japanese soldiers who never surrendered after the war, planning my escape through Gibraltar with the aid of some guy from MI6 called Darren or ' Deadly Daz' who'll smuggle me across in the rear of his car wrapped in a carpet or something.   I suppose that then I could write a book about it and call it... Daz Boot! ..........exit stage left.

No doubt during this sojourn to foreign parts, complete with "as much wine as you can drink", the stories of the 60's music days, playing the length and breadth of the country will rear their heads, its in our blood.   There is always still a longing, a few litres of red-eye brings on the humour and then the stories and finally, in the early hours afterglow, the melancholy sidles in easily enough, reminding us of our great adventure, missed opportunities and lost youth.   "Yeah, he's dead now"  "Died years ago" is something getting a little too familiar on the ear of this young at heart.

Although I was a part of it all, I sometimes felt like a passenger too, swept along into experiences I'd never had before, I was just a kid with everything changing in front of my eyes and I can assure you I had as much of it as a grown man could absorb and more.  

A grey post war Britain was getting back on its feet, factories at full throttle with full employment and bomb-damaged buildings being demolished raised the spirits of the nation and we were feeling prosperous and glad to be alive.   All it took was Lonnie Donegan thrashing out some skiffle to kick start the greatest music and social revolution that has ever been known.    It is hard for today's youth to appreciate those vast changes.  At a recent dinner party the young lady sat next to me said "Please don't tell me that you think The Beatles changed music or anything else, they were just a boy band"........there is a time for silence in conversations and I took the opportunity to use that instead of jumping down her throat with indignation.    I settled for "They weren't a boy band" and "You had to be there to really know what difference they made".  Somehow I think she had received that reply before, little git!!

In today's society where success is fleeting, it does give me a deal of satisfaction to still hear the music of my generation riding high, all of it being covered or sampled by some faceless entity calling themselves 'BB Hot Snot' or some other soubriquet that that you will forget as soon as you've heard it because you've heard it all before.  There have been boy bands a plenty and girl bands a plenty too churning out their bubble-gum pop crap like the Spice Girls who became a super phenomenon based on "girl power" whatever that was or is?  They certainly wont be remembered for any of their songs but The Beatles will, that gives me satisfaction a plenty because like the majority of readers of the blog who WERE THERE during those historic days we have something marvellous to hang our hat on because we did it first.

I have long been an admirer of Graham Nash's voice, I spent an afternoon at his house in London in 1968 he played me the acetate to King Midas in Reverse and in turn he listened to an acetate of a couple of tracks the band I was with had recorded earlier that day, "Who is singing that harmony" he said "Me" I replied, "Blimey you sound like me"........I don't know if I fainted with glee at receiving such a great compliment but it has stuck in my head ever since, a treasured moment.

He was just at the stage of leaving The Hollies and going to America, the rest is history, Woodstock, Joni Mitchell, CSN etc etc.   He made one of my favourite solo LPs, even now, 'WILD TALES' it was called and I love it.  He must have loved it too because he wrote a book of the same title in which he recalls his rise right from his Manchester school days with his pal Alan Clarke up to the present day.
It is a good read and, as a musician of about the same age, we both experienced the same sort of experiences but in a different location and with the obvious exclusion of me not being a pop superstar.   

I strongly recommend reading this book for those of us who "Were there" its a nice re-visit to better times.

Well have a Happy May Day and do things that people do on such a day. I shall probably be very uncomfortable about now encased in a RyanAir aircraft.

Tara a bit

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Bulls Head Bob April 2019 - DAVE PEACE - Crawdaddies. DANNY GALLAGHER - FROSTY MOSES

Hello All,

Firstly may I say how nice it was to receive so many emails regarding the passing of my Sister, Gill.

My older sister, she was the one who kept me on the straight and narrow (almost) for the majority of my young life.The same week she passed I had received news already about Dave Peace dieing and four days after that I received a call to say that my old mate Danny Gallgher had passed away too so it was a dreadful month for me. 

Internationally we also saw the death of incredible drummer Hal Blaine, famed as a member of The Wrecking Crew and who were responsible for most of the great records to come out of the USA and was on the greatest single of all time, God Only Knows.  Anyway, a couple of goodbyes to our early Brumbeat pioneers, firstly:

Way back, when you could only buy amps with valves in, the Group explosion had taken place and every road in Brum had a band in it.   One of those people who got the musical urge was Dave Peace.  Dave was a "trained" keyboard player, a rarity on the early group scene and he had no problem surrounding himself with a few close friends to form the R&B band The Crawdaddies along with Dave Pegg, Micky Herd and Don Turner.   There was always work for good bands and they featured in such legendary venues as The Silver Beat Club, The Garden of Eden and so forth, chunky organ sound prevailing although Dave did learn and play guitar too.   The band scene was vibrant then and, as such, there were some comings and goings in the band and some name changes to fit the musical scene of the day.  One change for Dave was to take the front and became the Dave Peace Quartet, largely blues based, and with this band he recorded his first LP, Good Morning Mr Blues which is still to be found on Ebay
He later formed another band called BIRMINGHAM and also "Piece of Mind" who, I understand, still have a following.
Later in his career Dave was one of the session men on Wings "Live and Let Die" LP which indeed was a fitting climax as a long term, successful musician and a Brummie.

Because I was in a busy working band I never got to see him play or indeed even met him but had heard about him from Dave Pegg.   My thanks to Ken Reeves for furnishing me with much of this information.
My condolences go out to Dave's family and friends.

I knew Danny from a very early age, one of the Irish kids who had settled in the Sparkbrook area of Brum.   He was the first person I knew who was in a proper band, The Solitairs, and not just groups who played at youth clubs waiting to get a proper booking at a Dance Hall, I was in awe of that.   He had dyed his hair and had tight drainpipe trousers and winkle picker shoes three miles long.
Danny, second right.
He, myself and Keith Poulton who lived nearby and also a guitarist, used to talk for hours about Hank B Marvin, guitars, amps and of how famous we would all become.  Danny being Irish, always had the most outrageous plans which he guaranteed would happen....they never did but that was all part of the excitement of being in a group and all part of wild ambition and youth.  

Keith decided that the working life was for him and although he still plays today, didn't venture too much into the always broke scene of a musician.   Danny and I triumphed at the latter.   Dedication pays though and we both featured in some bands and even in the same one, but the one I had just left before he joined so we never actually played together on stage throughout our long friendship. Quite strange really..

I left Brum and we naturally drifted apart but reunited many years later, he was no longer playing gigs but he was still in the music and was operating the sound desk at The Roadhouse as well as being a seriously good Martial Arts instructor.  After some chat between us about playing he got his act together and decided to pick up the bass and play a little more seriously again forming a new band or two in Brum with Dave Hynds ex Cheetahs.  Uniting with Dave was almost a return to his early days in the Solitairs when both of them were in Ma Regans agency playing all those well known Gigs.

I knew Danny well, his ambition and driving personality was a real boon to a band but could also be a tad overpowering to those who didn't understand the thirst of the man.   Whilst there was a remote chance of anything happening he would push people to the limit to try and get the best from them.  He encouraged me from an early age to push myself hard to get better and he was right, some others couldn't do the discipline.  However, as a person, he was beautiful, a kind and lovely guy, pale blue Irish eyes glinting away, always the threat of a bit of mischief and us two did get into some mischief alright when we was scruffs. I loved his Mum and I loved this man too,  God Bless You Danny Gallagher thanks for the memories my friend.

John has written a more comprehensive time line on him on the BRUMBEAT.NET website, The Pie Stand Page.  Phew, what a drag this months blog has been.  

I would love to have something uplifting to share with you but its all Brexit and the world is in a panic - a shambles of a Government and each one of them should be made to go on TV and formally apologise to the Nation for being total wankers.  Corbyn wants to throw even more shit on the pile calling for a general election "Now", he's probably looking to sneak in a ministerial post for his old mate Derek Hatton to who he restored Labour Party membership, Chancellor of the Exchequer comes to mind? then they could re-enact their historic parts in the bankrupting of Liverpool, only now they will have the whole country's money to play with, why not get "Call me Tony" Blair back as well as Minister of Defence after all he started all that shit!  These are the alternative Government.
Run for the hills.


Take Care you guys
Love and Peace.


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Friday, 1 March 2019

Bulls Head Bob Mar 2019. An Apology

Hi Everyone,

Regretfully. owing to a recent family bereavement there will be no blog this month.



Friday, 1 February 2019


Hello Brummies and Musos, 

Hope you are all well and hunkering down in the current cold snap.

Planty and his new band Saving Grace did a surprise unannounced gig at the SpArc Theatre, Bishops Castle, last week.   It was a venue that he had used before to "air" a new line up.   Seems like this could be an extension of the music vibe he had with Alison Kraus, so nice one and I hope you get to catch
a performance soon.
The line up is, Robert Plant, all round good guy Tony Kelsey, Matt Worsley, Suzi Dian and Oli Jefferson.   Folksy and Bluesy in an intimate setting sounds brilliant to me.
FAKE 45. 
The UGLYS "I've Seen the Light".
These days with the masses of technology available its possible for anyone to record a song at home in your bedroom and put it on Youtube for example to get some airtime or even get it on Spotify.   Back in the days of the 60's it was impossible to do and it was every musicians dream to make a record.

To get to that point of being signed to a record label and actually see your
record for sale in a record shop was thrilling but didn't come easy unless your Dad knew someone in the record business and then maybe you could creep in through the back door.    It only came after years of playing and practising and then getting picked up by a record company or by joining a bigger band who had recorded already.  I was so excited to be making a record and being in a band publicised as "recording artistes", it was a real big deal then.   Going to London and entering the huge recording studio was scary as anything but I was actually recording a song for a Label, how great was that for a 17 year old?  

There was no thought at all of any money that the record might have generated, it didn't seem to be anywhere near as important as having a recording contract itself and that my friends was the downfall of many bands.  Royalties were a joke then anyway with the band earning something like a penny for every single sold and the record and publishing company kept the rest.    Loads of famous groups got nothing materially, in the financial sense, from recordings but you did get an increase in the amount of gigs you did and a real rise in appearance money and that's what bands lived off, by playing 7 nights a week.  All the money the Spencer Davis Group got for their record sales was ploughed back into Island Records by Chris Blackwell.    The Small Faces, Them  and The Yardbirds to name but 3 got nothing either, courtesy of of Don Arden and
Georgio Gomelsky. Then of course we get to The Moody Blues and Tony Secunda, despite having had the brilliant Go Now in the charts were perpetually broke, so much so that bassist Clint Warwick walked out of the band and went back to being a carpenter at the height of their fame and Denny Laine just quit to form The Denny Laine String Band.

   It was only 2 years ago, shortly before Ray Thomas' death that the band won their legal fight to get their royalties for the single which was a world wide success.  Many, many groups fell to pieces, penniless despite having had lots of chart success because of being naive about finances and as Don Arden famously said "If someone wants to have their money taken off them, I'm the man".  

During the mid 80's I lived in Wiltshire for a while and had arranged for my house to be painted, I was amazed to see that the painter was Tich, the bass player from Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch and Tich another 60's band deprived of their dosh.  Anyway those days have gone and many of those past artists have passed away.  However, the vinyl records have remained in the public eye and have become sought after recordings, one of those is Birmingham's own "The Uglys" whose records, with the exception of End of the Season have all been a favourite collectible with record collectors.   
(The Uglys 1968)
The most valuable of all their records was the unreleased MGM recording of "I've Seen the Light",  there were only 7 copies of the Promotional single pressed, one each for the band and two for the producer.  Within a month of the recording the band had finished for good.

Its value had reached and even surpassed 2000 pounds!   In 2004 The Ugs released a CD of their past recordings along with some BBC recordings and a few studio outtakes. The CD sold out and now has become another sought after article in its own right because the Sanctuary Record label collapsed shortly after its release.

I was very surprised then, a couple of weeks back to see this for sale on EBay:
Here we have what purports to be The Uglys ultra-rare single with a price of just 16 pounds!!   BUT......this is not an MGM single even though in the description of the record it says MGM re-issue and rates its condition as VG++.
The 7 copies of the single were only printed on a pink background with a large A covering the label.  THIS IS A FAKE and the recording is copied from the CD which in turn was copied from one of the bands original copies because the master tapes are no longer available.

The only person getting anything for this is the person who has faked it.  So even now the band still get nothing and the public get stiffed as well!!

If you wish to buy a collectible piece of vinyl do your homework, there are plenty of reputable books on the subject or websites like Cat45 which go into detail about valuable 45's.  Don't get hoodwinked, do lots of research and avoid
the traps of the unscrupulous robbing bastards.

Sad to announce that Dave Peace ex Crawdaddies passed away on 23 Jan aged 70.  A funeral will take place at Oak Chapel, Crownhill Crematorium, MK8 0AH at 1.15pm.  Family flowers only please and if you plan to attend can you contact Mary Peace.

I've just had a coal delivery so once Mrs Bob has finished storing it in the shed properly and raked out the ashes she'll soon be getting a nice fire going so you can bring on the cold, I can take it.!!

Yours in much Warmth


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Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Hi You Brummies, Friends around the World, Groups for Groupies,
et al...

Here we are again, another New Year to get your Dentures into and what a year its going to be. Brexit is upon us, what a great adventure and whether your an "inner" or an "outer" there is going to be blood on the tracks for some.  Kind of scary but in a good way, I have my stiff upper lip at the ready as we take on the rest of europe.    I have already learned to dislike the Belgians so just another 26 countries to go and being a Grumpy Old Shit already, it should be a piece of cake, nice British Cake though not that crap they give you in Spain that dries your mouth out! or that sticky shit in Italy.  

It does have a large negative affect on travelling musicians though, with all the customs checks on movement of equipment etc so that is not too good and you just know that the French are going to pounce on anything British aren't they?  For me I'd like to see in place at Dover a total ban on the import of French music of any sort!! and their soddin' accordians.

The Christmas season went well in the Bob
household and we were all in that nice family spirit of joy and togetherness, albeit by Facetime in some cases.

I was lucky to recieve from one of the Bobettes a nice Mini Amp, a Laney Lionheart, which is really fab, and one that I recommended in the Blog a month or so ago so that was welcome and is perfect for indoor use.
It has gain and amazingly, adjustable Delay.  Such a lot of fun.  I highly recommend this. I tried all my guitars through it with single coil giving the best response.  Get one if you can.

One from Europe and one from America.  Firstly lets jet off to the USA to the beautiful Washington State home of former BRUMBEATS vocalist Graham Ashford and his wife Caroline.  Where they are in the throes of the Seasons Festivities
nestling beautifully in the woods, its the perfect setting for one of those American Christmas movies.  It obviously that the Christmas spirit has been upon him as he has been playing Santa to a a Jazzersize group locally.  

Fantastic outfit I have to say, its a bit of a step up from the Santa that used to be in Lewis Department Store in Birmingham back when we were lads

"I have had to take some time off from  singing whilst recovering from some surgery".   I anticipate that when he flies off to his other home in Hawaii for the summer he'll be raring to go again. 

"I wish everyone I know a Happy New Year"·
Happy New Year from everyone in the UK Graham.

The BRUMBEATS were one of the best of the Birmingham Bands and now I shall proceed to another.

Now lets venture forth unto the European BREXIT trenches where Willie Hammond, Ex lead guitarist for the Birmingham bench-mark band 
THE UGLYS is keeping his head well down in the heart of the Spanish countryside in his converted Farmhouse where he hides away with his wife Linda.  
"Christmas in Spain, that is the giving of gifts, does not happen till Jan 5th but we maintain our Christmas Day traditions and gorge ourselves for Christmas and Boxing Day.  It is a little odd to be in the sunshine so from our selfish perspective it would be great to have some snow to make it complete".   

The Spanish ramp-up the Fiesta spirit here and from New Years Eve till the end of February its party after party".   

Will is still playing various festivals and gigs with his band and enjoying a great following in his adopted home.

 "Happy Christmas to everyone in Birmingham, at Brumbeat.Net and Bob the Blogger,  Feliz Navidad"

Happy New Year to you Willie.


I'd like to add my own New Years felicitations to those of the above Brummies abroad and wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.  Thanks for reading the Blog and many thanks to those who sent me warm Christmas Greetings.  



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